This Root with Strong Flavor is a Traditional Medicine | Galangal

Galangal/Greater Galangal/Alpina galanga

This medicinal root with umami flavor is commonly used in Southeast- Asian cuisines. The name is Galangal or greater galangal. It is known by different names in different countries. The various names are Laos, Kha, Romdeng, Nankyo, or Dou Kou. I came to know about this plant after coming to the US that too very recently. But apparently, it grows in India as well. In India, it is known as Kulanjan (Hindi). The rhizome of this herb is part of various curries. Galangal root looks a lot like ginger root but the taste is very different. Galangal root is much stronger in flavor compared to ginger. Many of you new to this aroma may have to adapt to this strong flavor gradually.

Galangal Plant with Pseudostems

I enjoy learning about new plants and include them in my daily diet. But the main reason I decided to grow this plant is because of its appearance. I like tropical plants. I have ginger, turmeric, cardamom, insulin plants, and several other tropical plants in my plant collection. I wanted to add galangal to it because it grows very tall up to 1–2 meters. If I’m successful in growing this root in my backyard it will add more beauty to my tropical section of plants that I usually keep together.

Health Benefits of Galangal

The two primary chemicals in Galangal are terpenes and phenolic compounds. Traditionally galangal roots are used to cure various health problems like stomach pain, stomach ulcers, various fungal diseases, yeast infections. It is also believed to have anti-tumor activity and is believed to be effective against cancer, and kidney problems. Galangal is a strong antioxidant that can help with the overall health of the body. There are several other possible health benefits and researchers are trying to prove these benefits.

Are you interested in growing this plant in your home garden?



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