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How to Grow Cuban Oregano?

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Just like oregano and carom seeds, Cuban Oregano is also an aromatic herb and is part of various cuisines. It is used to make fritters, chutneys, and even can go in soups, traditional remedies, and salads. I sometimes use it to make fritters by dipping them in the chickpea flour and deep-frying it. They are somewhat oily but taste awesome.

Deep-Fried Fresh Cuban Oregano Leaves Coated with Chick Pea Flour

Origin of Cuban Oregano

The botanical name of Cuban oregano is Coleus amboinicus / Plectranthus amboinicus. The origin is in Africa. People from tropical rainforest use it in several herbal remedies. It is interesting to know that even though this plant originated in Africa, all the names that it carries are from other regions like Cuban Oregano, Indian Borage, Mexican Mint, French Thyme, Spanish Thyme, and Soup Mint. The name Amobinicus comes from Ambon Island in Indonesia where it was described by Portuguese botanist.

Similar Plants and Varieties

Borage vs Indian Borage

Cuban oregano is a plant from the mint family. Even though it is known as Indian borage it is different from the other herb borage. Here is borage and Indian borage or Cuban oregano side by side.

Cuban Oregano vs Mexican Mint Marigold

Then the other name of the Cuban oregano is Mexican mint. Don’t confuse it with this other her named Mexican mint marigold. There is another variety of Cuban oregano that has variegated leaves.

How to Grow Cuban Oregano




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