Earth Day- April 22, 2021 | History of Earth Day

Do you know this man?

He is Mr. John McConnell is the founder and creator of Earth Day. He also designed and created the Earth Day Flag!

He was an American citizen and a traveling doctor. He was a partner in the Nobell Research Laboratory in Los Angeles, a company that was producing plastic. Mr. McConnell realized how dangerous plastic waste is for the health of our beloved earth. Thanks to his smart and futuristic thinking. Today we all know that our Earth, our savior needs much more love than ever before. John McConnell is also famous for Peace activism.

John McConnel believed that humans have obligation to take care of the earth. In October 1969, at the National UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, McConnell proposed a global holiday to celebrate Earth’s life and beauty and to advance peace. His proposition received strong support and appreciation that resulted in the Earth Day Proclamation by the City of San Francisco, on March 1, 1970 Honor the Earth, and the very first celebration of Earth Day on March 21, 1970. Thanks to him for thinking ahead of time and making efforts to make us aware of the virtues we have received from our Earth.

Did you know Earth existed for most of its history, 4.25 billion years, without any life and technological development? We the humans arrived after billions of years. We started exploring the earth and found so many goodies.

According to one estimate, there are more than 100 billion galaxies in the universe may be many more. Scientists throughout the world are working hard to find our living neighbors. They could be tiny bacteria or smart robot-like animals we don’t know. They may not even exist. So far we have found nothing… So, if you can see how rare our earth is you will be amazed. We are at a perfect distance from the sun, not too close not too far. We can enjoy the warmth of the sun without getting burnt. We still have oxygen to breathe, that too in the right amount. The gravity is perfect and because of that we can stand on the earth… just a little less and we will fly and vanish in the sky and just a little more and the gravity will stretch us and squeeze us. Because our earth is slightly tilted, we can enjoy seasons, we can enjoy fall colors and snow flurries, dance in monsoon rain, and get those tan marks. Our earth, our plants, we all animals and humans are very rare things created by nature. Unbelievable coincidences had to happen for us to be born and survive on the earth. So let’s respect it. Happy Earth’s Day to our Shining Blue-Green Beauty, our Earth!

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Happy Gardening!

I’m a gardener for whom gardening is not just a hobby now but has become an integral part of my life. I would like to share with you all the beauty of gardening

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