Bhringraj- Ancient Weed & A Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss

2 min readFeb 7, 2022

Bhringraj is a weedy plant that is being used since ancient times as a haircare remedy in Indian Ayurveda. These plants grow abundantly in Southeast Asian countries like India, Nepal, China, Brazil, and Thailand.

Bhringraj Plant Distribution

Bhringraj is known by various other names in different regions including Maka, Bhringarajasava, Bhringaraj, False Daisy, Yerba de Tago. The botanical name of this plant is Eclipta prostrata.

The flowers are white in color and tiny. Since these tiny flowers attract bees and other beneficial insects. That could be the reason why this plant (Eclipta prostrata) is called “Bhringraj” since in the Sanskrit language the word “Bhring” means a type of bee and “Raj” means King. So the name Bhringraj means “One who rules the Bees”.

Health Benefits of Bhringraj

Bhringraj Plant Growing in AeroGarden

Bhringraj has a special place in ancient Indian medicine because of its positive effects on hair, skin. But the benefits are not limited to only skin and hair. The parts of this weedy plant are used as a traditional remedy for several other health conditions. Unfortunately like many other herbal medicines, the research on the Bhringraj plant is limited and not very sophisticated resulting in this valuable natural medicine not getting the well-deserved attention.

Oils infused with the goodness of Bhringraj leaves are used to resolve hair problems like hair loss, dryness of hair, scalp issues. A good head massage with this oil acts as a great stress buster and cures sleep trouble. Bhringraj leaves paste/ oil is applied to the skin to treat various skin conditions like skin blisters and fungal infections. Bhringraj leaves powder also known as Churna is used in some ayurvedic formulations to treat jaundice and stomach ulcers. It is also used as a traditional remedy for treating loose motions. There are various other claimed benefits of Bhringraj. In my personal experience, it definitely helps to improve hair health. The leaves of I’m not sure if there are some side effects of taking Bhringraj orally. One should take it only with a doctor’s advice.

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Make Your Own Herbal Hair Oil

Growing Bhringraj plants for the continuous supply of this valuable herb is very easy. Growing Bhringraj Plants




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