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How to Grow Cuban Oregano?

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Just like oregano and carom seeds, Cuban Oregano is also an aromatic herb and is part of various cuisines. It is used to make fritters, chutneys, and even can go in soups, traditional remedies, and salads. I sometimes use it to make fritters by dipping them in the chickpea flour and deep-frying it. They are somewhat oily but taste awesome.

Deep-Fried Fresh Cuban Oregano Leaves Coated with Chick Pea Flour

The botanical name of Cuban oregano is Coleus amboinicus / Plectranthus amboinicus. The origin is in Africa. People from tropical rainforest use it in several herbal remedies. It is…

After comparing it with the other two types of oregano plants, we are going to see how to grow carom seeds or True Ajwain plants. Not the Ajwain leaf. Carom seeds are native to Egypt and are cultivated in Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan, Carom seeds, cumin seeds, and other plants from the Apiaceae family are collectively known as bishop’s weed.

How to Grow Oregano

How to Grow Cuban Oregano

The botanical name of carom seeds is Trachyspermum ammi

Carom seeds have been part of traditional Persian and Indian medicines since ancient times. It is a spicy herb…

Benefits and Tips to Grow Oregano Unlimited

If you like Italian food then is one the must-have item in the Italian seasoning. I love the pleasantly strong smell of oregano. There is nothing like homemade herb seasoning. When I purchased my cute spice box, it came with many herbs and the smell was terrible. But whenever I try to make Italian dishes I get some fresh oregano and warm it in the oven for 15 mins. As soon as it starts releasing the essential oils, I take it out and add it to the dish. That way you get instant…

Allopathy vs Natural Medicines

img1 img2

You might be noticing recently more and more shelves are filled with natural medicines and herbal remedies. Even the big-box retailers are making space for these herbal remedies alongside synthetic medicines. When the first time I saw turmeric powder in pills, I was really surprised. I’m very well aware of the uses of turmeric as medicine but never thought of buying turmeric and other medicinal herbs like fenugreek, elderberry, ginger powder in pills. But this recent sudden spike clearly shows that many people have started considering natural medicines as one of the possible options to cure diseases. As…

Distinguish Among Oregano, Cuban Oregano / Mexican Mint, and Carom Seeds / Ajwain

Check out these three herbs. Ajwain/ carom seeds plant, Ajwain leaf/Cuban Oregano/Ajwain Leaf/ Mexican Mint, and the normal oregano herb/ Italian oregano. These three herbs are very much similar in flavor but they are different plants. They are very commonly mistaken for each other. I know at least I did that mistake until I grew carom seeds plants. I used to believe that Cuban Oregano produces Carom seeds. In India, we make very delicious fritters with Cuban Oregano leaves and I really wanted to grow them in…

@aseedtolife -How to Save Dill Seeds

How to Save Dill Seeds
Monarch Caterpillar on Dill Plant

Not sure if you are a fan of the dill plant but I know I am. Not all people can handle the strong flavor of the dill herb. But I like it. A couple of years back I tried to grow dill plants in a container and you know who got to them first? The monarch caterpillars. So I didn’t really get to harvest any leaves that year but I love monarchs and was fine with sharing some of the garden goodies with them. …


Know and Grow Fava Beans/ Broad Beans
Fava Bean Pods

I’m so excited to harvest my fava beans/ broad beans. This was my first time growing these beans. Honestly, I didn’t even know about these beans until I grew them for the first time. So it was fun. I tried dried beans and didn’t find them as flavorful as kidney beans or other kinds of beans that we eat. But, the green fava beans or broad beans changed my mind. These are cute-looking beans and taste very good.

World Cuisine

I’m not a fan of sophisticated dictionary words. In fact, my word knowledge is very limited, but when I heard the word “Ethnocentrism” for the first time in my life in one of the ESL classes that I took, it got stuck in my mind, forever. Ethnocentrism is judging other cultures with a mindset that one’s own culture is superior. Or, evaluating other cultures with certain pre-existing beliefs in the mind. Don’t we always feel that we do things better than other people? And this thinking is universal. We all feel that our culture is much better than other cultures…

A plant that not only humans but animals like chimpanzees also trust.

African Bitter Leaf Plant (wiki commons)

According to one report by Royal Botanic Garden (2016), there were approximately 391,000 species of identified plants in the world. But according to UN report on the number of species, the number of species is declining rapidly every year. I understand that with changing climate, evolution, and the factors that we don’t even know about, some species are going to be lost. It makes me very sad that the plants and trees that we once used to see in our childhood are hard to find easily. The…

Tips to Grow Healthy Mint

Mint goes in sweet dishes like chocolates, in refreshing summer drinks, as mint chutney they buddy up with the appetizers and chaat and also make the biryani flavorful. There are at least 25+ varieties of mints. I think the number is much higher. The most famous ones are peppermint or our regular mint and spearmint. I’m growing a number of herbs in my backyard garden. This is a regular mint, the peppermint, and this other one with a little bit darker or purplish leaves is chocolate mint. You can see how the plants are growing…

I’m a gardener for whom gardening is not just a hobby now but has become an integral part of my life. I would like to share with you all the beauty of gardening

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