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A plant that not only humans but animals like chimpanzees also trust.

African Bitter Leaf Plant (wiki commons)

According to one report by Royal Botanic Garden (2016), there were approximately 391,000 species of identified plants in the world. But according to UN report on the number of species, the number of species is declining rapidly every year. I understand that with changing climate, evolution, and the factors that we don’t even know about, some species are going to be lost. It makes me very sad that the plants and trees that we once used to see in our childhood are hard to find easily. The…

Tips to Grow Healthy Mint

Mint goes in sweet dishes like chocolates, in refreshing summer drinks, as mint chutney they buddy up with the appetizers and chaat and also make the biryani flavorful. There are at least 25+ varieties of mints. I think the number is much higher. The most famous ones are peppermint or our regular mint and spearmint. I’m growing a number of herbs in my backyard garden. This is a regular mint, the peppermint, and this other one with a little bit darker or purplish leaves is chocolate mint. You can see how the plants are growing…

Do you know this man?

John McConnell, the founder and creator of Earth Day

He is Mr. John McConnell is the founder and creator of Earth Day. He also designed and created the Earth Day Flag!

He was an American citizen and a traveling doctor. He was a partner in the Nobell Research Laboratory in Los Angeles, a company that was producing plastic. Mr. McConnell realized how dangerous plastic waste is for the health of our beloved earth. Thanks to his smart and futuristic thinking. Today we all know that our Earth, our savior needs much more love than ever before. John McConnell is also famous for Peace activism.

Camphor Potli (Spice bag) Myths and Facts- Camphor Poisoning

Camphor Potli Myths & Facts | Benefits & Toxicity | Eucalyptus oil | Cloves | Carrom Seeds

Covid Vaccination is going on at full speed in many countries and despite that covid situation is not completely under control. And, as there is a shortage of medicines, vaccines, supplies like oxygen cylinders and ventilators, many people are desperately looking for alternative medicines.

For the past two days, one message is circulating on social media. The message recommends inhaling a heated mix of camphor, cloves, eucalyptus oil, and ajwain seed (carrom seeds) several times a day. …

Let’s go on a tour of a beautiful patch of bluebonnets in Texas. Bluebonnets are a group of species of flowers collectively recognized as Texas State Flowers. They are very beautiful and slightly aromatic. Beneficial insects and rattlesnakes love them. In this video, I have also shared some interesting facts about these wild beauties. I hope you like them.

Seed to Life YouTube Channel

Gardeners in you must be very excited as the spring has begun. I know I’m. I can’t wait to get outside to see new surprises in my garden. All the seedlings have started sprouting and spring flowers are blooming. As the temperatures have started rising, to stay hydrated we can grow some juicy watermelons.

History of Watermelons

Did you know that watermelons are ancient fruits that are being cultivated since prehistoric times? They were growing in wild in the Kalahari desert in Africa. Those fruits were not sweet-tasting like today’s watermelons. They were also found in the…

Ancient Medicine Rosary Pea #seedtolife #aseedtolife

Famously known as Gunja/ Rosary pea is an ancient medicinal plant, a poison, and very invasive. The botanical name of this plant is Abrus precatorius. I remember we used to call the gunja seeds rabbit's eye because of the beautiful red color they looked like rabbit’s eyes.

Other Names of Arbus precatorius are

  • Rosary peas
  • Gunja
  • Crab’s eye
  • Indian Licorice
  • Jequirity bean
  • Precatory bean (USA)
  • Saga (Indonesia)
  • Gunchi (Pakistan)
  • Rati gedi (Nepal)
  • Weglis (Indonesia)

Other than having medicinal uses rosary pea is also used for making jewelry and as an ornamental plant. It produces very beautiful shiny seeds. Different varieties…

This is a fictional story only for the entertainment purpose

The Black Death/ Bubonic Plague Pandemic

My grandmother was a very talented woman. She didn’t go to school and receive formal education but still, she was known as “Mastarinbai” in my language which means “a lady teacher”. She was married to a school inspector and a teacher. Not that my grandfather or we the grandchildren didn’t try to teach her but she used to feel shy to learn from my grandfather. My grandfather had to relocate to different villages in India. Because of his job, my grandmother also could see different places and meet new people…

In my previous story on camphor trees, we saw how to grow camphor trees both in containers or ground. But do you know the uses of camphor? Or do you know how camphor is made?

How camphor is made?

Camphor Trees

Camphor that we buy from stores can be obtained either natural way from camphor laurel trees or synthetically in factories or laboratories. Natural camphor is not very famous because it is very easy to make the camphor artificially and more importantly, making camphor from trees requires cutting down old trees. To get camphor from trees, the tree has to be at least 10 years…

Spring has begun and it is hard to stay inside locked up in our homes. As we are trying to protect ourselves from covid, it is also important to protect our skin from the blazing sun. One of the most famous natural home remedies to prevent sunburn is using aloe vera gel.

aloe vera plant #aseedtolife #seedtolife
aloe vera plant #aseedtolife #seedtolife

There are between 400–500 varieties of aloe vera, maybe even more, but Aloe barbadensis Miller is possibly the most famous one. It is one of the most commercialized and easiest to find.


I’m a gardener for whom gardening is not just a hobby now but has become an integral part of my life. I would like to share with you all the beauty of gardening

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